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06/09/09 - START fair in Hannover
The START fair is the leading German fair for Start-ups, Franchising and Entrepreneurs. We also will visit this event in order to show and explain our site analysis to you. You can meet us on Friday, June 12, 2009. Call us or write an e-mail to arrange an appointment.
Take your chance to ask questions or learn about future features!

05/19/09 - Online Standortcheck is available now!
Announced since December 2008, our long awaited internet based site analysis is now online.
Check it out here: Online Standortcheck

05/09/09 - The countdown is on!
It won't take long anymore, our internet based site analysis will be available soon.
Our service named "Online Standortcheck" is ready to be launched shortly. Currently we're running final tests and fine tuning which will guarantee highest value of benefit and maximum quality.
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03/12/09 - Report Sample and Newsletter.
Check our Report Sample and subscribe to our Newsletter to get informed as soon our Online Site Analysis service has started.

Report Sample...
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03/02/09 - Google Maps wins route planner review. compared 18 online route planner services, Google Maps wins. Our Online Site Analysis uses Google Maps Directions for trading area definition as well as sales forecasting and therefore uses the best currently available online routing service.

Review summary on

01/30/09 - Online Site Analysis methodology.
To give you an impression about our Online Site Analysis methodology on the following page we explain how it works (German).

More about gb consite's Online Site Analysis methodology...

01/23/09 - Cooperation with infas GEOdaten GmbH.
gb consite GmbH recently signed a cooperation agreement with infas GEOdaten GmbH. Cooperation subject is the frequent supply with micro geographic market information by infas GEOdaten as a basis for the formerly announced online site analysis of gb consite GmbH.
With infas GEOdaten we are now accompanied by one of the market leaders in Geomarketing!

More about the announced online site analysis of gb consite GmbH...
More about infas GEOdaten...

12/10/08 - Announcement "Online Site Check".
The preview version demonstrates the product available in spring 2009 (only in German). It shows up the capabilities of the tool designed for startups and existing retail companies.
With a simulated workflow and made up data you can get a first impression about this new product.
preview version "Online Site Check"

9/19/08 - gb consite GmbH meets Norbert Blüm.
Within the scope of the Kompetenzforum Geomarketing we had the chance to see Norbert Blüm "live" as keynote speaker.
Mr. Blüm gave an impressive keynote on the subject of social fairness and global business.
For us the Kompetenzforum Geomarketing was a source of many impulses which we will invest in the continued build-up of our Site Analysis business unit.
Kompetenzforum Geomarketing - Norbert Blüm

7/18/08 - gb consite GmbH anniversary event impressions.
It was our pleasure to provide excellent finger food and Fine Art photographs of Knut Büscher, CEO of gb consite GmbH, to our guests and associates:
1st anniversary
1st anniversary
1st anniversary
1st anniversary
1st anniversary
1st anniversary

6/25/08 - gb consite GmbH celebrates birthday!
A year ago, on July 1, 2007 gb consite GmbH started its operational business. On this occasion we sincerely want to thank all those who supported us during this period. We're looking forward to proceeding our cooperation!

5/2/08 - gb consite welcomes new IT Consultant!
Our team has been expanded by another experienced IT consultant! Mr. Neubauer is skilled in the fields of Web Application Development, Automotive Data Management and CRM. We look forward to a successful cooperation!